Reliable and rapid services

We supply urgent 24/7 translation services.

Translations by experts!

Above all we are certified translators with many years of experience.

Translation from English and German to French

Translation from English to French and German to French. We specialize in translation from English to French and German to French.

Translations completed by professionals

It’s reassuring to work with translators who are experts in their field and certified from the best universities.

Fast quality services!

Our services are fast and of good quality. We can translate up to 500 words per hour. Depending on the number of words, we can deliver your translations in 24 hours.

We are certified translators from the best universities and have many years of translation experience with texts from both the private and public sector. Therefore, we know Jean Delisle and have learned his teachings. We also know Katharina Reiss and her theories.

We care about offering quality services to our clients and we have implemented a rigorous process of quality assurance. The worst experience for a reader is to read a text and feel like you are reading a translation. With Langotex Translations, your texts will not look like translated texts. It is very important to take into account the cultural realities of your audience. We take into account these requirements which are very important to us. Our translators only translate in their native language.

We use the latest technologies for our translations. These tools help us maintain consistent terminology of documents that we are translating and guarantee the reliability of our translations.