Our processes

How we work

We have a contact page and we respond within minutes following the receipt of your document.

We analyze the file to determine the following:

  1. if we have the resources for the requested field
  2. if we are comfortable with that field
  3. if we can meet the deadlines

If the answer is Yes, we accept the task and then send a quote along with our terms. If they are accepted by you, we begin the work immediately.

Once the translation is completed, the text goes to editing, and after editing it is sent back to the translator who reviews the editor’s changes. Once all the discrepancies are removed, the text is sent to a third person for a neutral opinion.

The final translation is sent to the client with a feedback form, which is very important for our quality assurance process. It allows us to take into account our clients' requirements and preferences for further projects. Client feedback is recorded in a register, which is constantly updated.