Who are we?

We are a translation agency based in Ottawa and an affiliate of Langotex Solutions Group Inc. a new multiservice business which we have just started in the National capital region.

Above all, we are certified translators from the best universities with many years of experience in the public and private sector. Therefore, we know Jean Delisle and have learned his teachings. We also know Katharina Reiss and her theories.

Translation is not about words. It’s about what the words are about.

We know that translating should take into account the target audience.

We know that the terminology used for a text for an adult audience is not the same as that used for a youth audience.

We know that translating is complying with our client’s requirements and using their terminology.

We know that translating is taking account the particularities and the socio-cultural aspects of the target audience.

We know that translating is producing an idiomatic text. The reader should never feel like they are reading a translation.

Therefore, we are informed translators as François Lavallée wrote.

We apply these principles to our process. Our mission is to supply quality translation services to our clients. By assigning your documents to the Langotex Translations team, we guarantee that your documents will be translated according to these guidelines.